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What did I dress up for Halloween this year?

Posted by garfettconsulting on November 7, 2022 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (221)

Since I dressed up as a Joker two years ago and played the character a, Villain personality was something new for me and fun.

But this year I was.....


This year I decided to dress up as Cruella Devil from the last movie they did in 2021 with Emma Stone love her character and how she took over with her Art in the fashion industry very creative and powerful message she was giving. She is the future of her Fashion style to the world. She rules it.

Meanwhile, here I dressed up as her...

On Halloween day, I ended up dressing up as " I love lucy" I love Lucille Ball. I stayed home, had company over enjoying the spirit of halloween and admired Lucille Ball.

This year I am wearing my nightgown keep my original eye color because I am like her, but its still me.


Love, my pumpkings of Lucille Ball; I have to give credit to; my guy friend Richard for making them for me.

Hope you had a lovely Halloween with your lovesones. 

Facing my fear and revisit the Grand Canyon

Posted by garfettconsulting on October 6, 2022 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (40)

Most people are scared or fear of changing, and to be honest. I don't know why we're all scared to let stuff go or people and let the nature of life guide us where we belong.

I enjoy letting go and facing my fears; tomorrow. I'm going to; revisit the Grand Canyon after three years of facing my fear. I am talking in general. I am scared of heights and other phobias I have. I went around this time. Perfect timing for me, these three years have been a challenge for me. I was able to accomplish some of my fears. Don't get me wrong; there were moments it was hard, fun, adventure, learning experience; you named it.

I am glad. I was able to; experience everything I had during these three years of facing my fears. Now is my next step to be fearless.


I am going again and seeing the Grand Canyon with a different mindset than three years ago. I am also going to revisit Sedona.


Dont be sacred of changes is; the best thing can happen to you; when you know.


You dont belong there...


Life gives you surprise in life; then you be more grateful in life when you are in the right path. Count your blessings.

The 4 generation being De La Torre

Posted by garfettconsulting on October 5, 2022 at 11:00 PM Comments comments (4)

My grandfather, my great-grandfather, my dad and me ( I was like 4 in that picture)

The 4 generation :) 

I am honored and blessed I was able to meet my great-grandfather, Anastacio De La Torre he died at the age of 97.I believe I was 7 or 8 years old years.

 I am blessed. I still have my godfather (grandfather) his my grandfather for my baptists. We're celebrating his 99 birthday this year on September 11.


I keep telling my dad we have some strong genes meaning being strong, healthy, and living for a long time.


My godfather, at the age of 99 years old, let me tell you, has a great memory. That's amazing! A couple of years ago. I interviewed; my godfather (Grandfather) if they were at war at that time growing up, and he said. "Yes, it was Guerra Cristero" (Cristero War in Mexico.) He mentioned how it was. At that time, he was around four years old. That says a lot being that age and remembering every detail. It was amazing; to know a little more about the history of Mexico and what my grandfather lived that day.


Being 99 years old, he can still walk using a cane to help him balance, and you have to speak louder to hear him; other than that, his in perfect shape.

Cuando sea Joven Movie @ AMC theater

Posted by garfettconsulting on September 28, 2022 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (1)

I have a thing with my mom when a Spanish movie comes out in theaters is mandatory that we have to go to the movies together.

We always head up to the AMC theater with my mom; she always has to order her big soda and popcorn to enjoy the movie that's her highlight. Meanwhile, I love ordering the Mozzarella Sticks.

We enjoyed the movie "Cuando sea Joven." it has a good meaning for the audience; at the same time, it was funny.

I am not saying much about the movie; it is a must to check it out with your moms. I bet they will enjoy it as my mom did.

Quote of the day

Posted by garfettconsulting on September 26, 2022 at 1:30 PM Comments comments (3)

Do you listen to others people what should be your happiness? No one knows only you! Listen to your heart as more power is the motor to drive to your destionation. #startover

- Nancy De La Torre

Why is September 15 and 16th is so important for me?

Posted by garfettconsulting on September 16, 2022 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (10)

Why is September 15 and 16th is so important for me?

First of all, September 15th is El Grito de Independencia de Mexico, which always takes place at night to welcome the Independent day of Mexico on September 16th.


I am a first-generation Mexican American. I am very proud of my roots; my parents, grandparents, and ancestors. I'm Mexican.


Those days are a reminder; of my roots, my culture, and my life.

Yes, in my life, I have been saying, you need to know your roots to understand where your destination is.


We have so much in ourselves from our ancestors. That's the beauty. We can understand or relate to a few things we think, feel, and see. They live in us because of them.


I have been searching a little bit more about my family tree. I am still in progress, knowing stuff here and there and understanding how your grandparents or great-grandparents were; at that time, different timelines, and just a different lifestyle.


That's why always be blessed where we are now. Remember, you have your roots to grow to be the better version of yourself is your choice to keep growing and honor your last names; each of our; last names can come with bad habits. However, as I said Is your choice to change the dirt of your roots to grow in a healthy tree.

I do; have a habit when I go hiking in the forest or any park and see a big beautiful tree that gets my attention of their beauty. I have a habit hug the tree, and saying Thank you is like connecting with that three with yourself. It's a beautiful feeling. I do get emotional, to be honest.


That's one of the reasons I love those days. In my early 20s, I always said, "I want to get married that day, The Independent Day of Mexico, to celebrate my culture and my new journey with the right person to be."


I am celebrating myself of honor being A Mexican Woman Independent on my own feet. Yes, I am an Independent woman. I am proud and honored; to thank my parents and grandparents for raising their kids to be independent to continue to grow.


Be proud of your Roots

Be proud of Yourself

We celebrate Independent for a reason in Life


I'm a Mexican American Independent.


I'm Nancy De La Torre

Elvis Presley Movie 2022 AMC

Posted by garfettconsulting on August 29, 2022 at 5:10 PM Comments comments (82)

I went to the AMC theater to see the Elvis movie twice; the first time, my friend and I arrived late, and we missed a lot of footage that day.

The second time I went with a different friend and got on time for the movies, but this time we didn't have time to order some snacks because we were on time just for the show.

I enjoyed the movie and the message I got from it.

Specially from this song giving a message to the world.

Enjoy his music 

Game Day Dodgers with Miami marlins 08-21-2022

Posted by garfettconsulting on August 26, 2022 at 3:35 PM Comments comments (5)

Game Day with the girls

If; you know me very well. I am a cherry kind of girl, only the fresh ones. I made sure to bring my snack to enjoy the game on a hot day.

In all the games I have been at the Dodgers Stadium, this is one of my favorites experience, thanks to my guy friend Richard planning this with the girls with the amazing; shrimp ceviche he made for us before heading to the game.

Here is the highlight of the day I went

It was an amazing; game on that date.

Paul McCartney The Lyrics Book

Posted by garfettconsulting on August 19, 2022 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Have a GREAT DAY! 

Preparing yourself

Posted by garfettconsulting on August 16, 2022 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (9)

Remember is always best to prepare yourself for any; kind of situation won't be afraid to speak up or tell your story.

Sometimes we close ourselves up just because of these reasons; the negativity we receive from others or putting ourselves down, controlling us, blaming everything on us for their actions and manipulations.

Can be so many reasons we don't open up.

Remember, each of us has a story in life. Please don't judge people. Accept who they are by respecting them.

We have all been through a situation in life.

However, the key is we keep trying to go forward and working on our downs.

I am also talking on my own. The way I speak, my accent, my grammar, how I pronounce words and learning to speak up. I want to say; that my story and my; experience motivate people who have been in deep depression/self-doubting themselves and much more.

My goal is to motivate people with the actions and experiences I have.

Don't lose hope. Giving time for yourself to connect with yourself is hard at first.

However, once you do it, you will feel amazing; and have a lot of courage by making that action you did and saying it loud and proud.

I did it!!

Give; yourself a lot of credit and keep doing it.

I agree. Sometimes we feel down or self-doubting about something, but it's ok. Most of the reason is your heading to a different level of life is another challege you need for yourself. Trust me. I am at that level for the next mountain I am hiking in life. Keep on pushing. Remember, we can't be dependent on people to make us happy.

Keep on pushing.

We got this!

Just remember, Give yourself credit by trying and providing everything to yourself.

Don't lose yourself. Be the best of yourself.