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Do I like Bad Bunny Music?

Posted by garfettconsulting on February 15, 2023 at 5:05 PM

Do I like Bad Bunny Music? 

Let me tell you a story. I'm NOT a big fan of reggaeton. The only reggaeton music I like is Calle 13.


After I reunited with my cousin and her friend in early 2021, I noticed my cousin is all into Bad Bunny. she is in love with him as a person and his talent; what is all about it. I did mention to her I'm not a reggeaton kind of girl. I didn't like the song "Yo Perreo Sola" She explained to me; the meaning of that song.

This is the area I meet my cousin and her friend.


After that, I was curious about Bad Bunny songs. I started listening to Bad Bunny while I was at home cleaning, and every time I post something in my stories on my IG account nanzdelatorre it's funny my cousin notices what I'm playing in the background. The first thing she tell's me " wow! You, listing to Bad Bunny" To be honest, I was giving it a try to his music because my cousin always gives that powerful message to everyone about his music. Every time I call her, and she answers by saying "Hello," I always say " Yo perreo sola" she laughs, or she keeps singing the song.


So, my cousin and her friend are big fans of Bad Bunny. I have been hanging out a lot with them at Skyland Ale Brewing / Marsicos a mi Manera.

They always start singing Bad Bunny songs.

I do love seeing them in that vibe.

They make the party go.


Let's fast forward...


At the beginning of 2022, my cousin got her ticket to see Bad Bunny in the front roll. I am so happy and proud of her for attending; his concert. Before; she walked to the stadium, she called me via facetime to tell me the news. She is there seeing her reaction of joy makes me feel so happy she shares that with me. It was the best feeling seeing someone so happy and excited.

She made my night while I was at home.


After; that day. I saw a lot of videos of the concert, and I fell in love with that vibe and all the music he was bringing to the audience. I got myself; more involved with his music with the El Último Tour del Mundo 2022.

here's one of the songs I crossover with this song.


and this is the one I like in 2020 because of the beat of the song.


after getting involved with his music every time I hang out with the girls

I am singing " mami que tu quieres" and

bring Bad Bunny vibe.

I crossover at the beginning of March 2022. I already google him and youtube him who he is and how he got himself into the music district I do give him props for what he's about and what he does for the people.


I end up going to the concerts with the girls who got me into Bad Bunny music.


We also end up going on a paint-n-sip date while listing to Bad Bunny music.


Have you ever crossover a type of music you didn't like before and now you do?

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