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De Casas Family

My grandfather Isabel De Casas, yes, is also a male name. He was on my mind all day on Monday, September 23rd, 2019. It was 27 years ago, no longer with us. I was only 10 years old at that time. Yes, I am 37.

I have so many good stories to say about my grandfather Isabel What I love the most about him. he was a role model, husband, and father. That is a big value of a real man to his wife and his 12 kids.

In these pictures, you can see their 50 years of marriage. The Golden Wedding Anniversary in Zacatecas, Mexico in November of 1988.

What I have admired most since I was a little girl is that they were at that age, and kept it real. Like they were just dating, he was the loveable and caring one I think I got that from him.

That is on my mom's side of the family. They always got together and had a party every weekend. When my grandparents came from Mexico...

What I love about my grandfather he always asked my grandmother Rosa to dance They kept having fun at that age and danced for a while with their own kids and grandkids that is definitely a keeper.

Since then my goal in marriage has been to be like them to grow older together. But still loveable, caring one for another like being in a team.

That is one of the goals that I want to complete on my bucket list.

I know there are ups and downs in a marriage relationship. But they were united he was a true role model for everyone who knows him, for even me at the age of 10.

Isabel & Rosa De Casas (My grandparents)

Their 12 kids (my mom is with the blonde hair)

Some of the grandsons

and some of the granddaughters (I am the one with the straight bangs)

I remember my guy friend Salvador. He told me in my early 20s he said, " I hate when people give advice to people when they have relationship problems, and the easy way out is saying Well break up vs. fighting or finding a solution of the problem." Since then it got me deeply.

Breakups are quitters

Fighting is challenging

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