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Joe Coulombe - Trader Joe's

Thanks to Joe Coulombe for creating a great store that I love going to every day. Yes, most of the time I go every day....I am telling you I'm a regular at Trader Joe's... plus the employees are so nice and friendly. You feel at home... I always say is like my 2nd home every time go there.

I love the products from there and am always excited about the new items they bring in and the season as well.

I admire Joe Coulombe his success story.

They also have a podcast. You should check it out you will be amazed about the products and how humble they are to maintain a great store for everyone including myself.

I have a thing for Trader Joe's every time I am in a different city or state and I HAVE to see a Trader Joe's store it's a must check it out and see the inventory I don't know why...but that's my thing. Only close friends know that from me.

You will see hopefully soon...

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