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Los Santos Reyes Magos & La Rosca

I believe I was 7 or 8 years old when we used to live in Whittier, CA, since then my mom has had this tradition to celebrate Los Santos Reyes Magos. So, every January 5th my sister and I always have to put our shoes outside the door so, Los Santos Reyes Magos will bring a small gift. The next day in the morning she what they brought us and in the afternoon we will get together and eat La Rosca with hot cocoa.

So, now I am older I am keeping the same tradition because of my mom even though I never liked La Rosca bread when I was a kid. Now I do.

This Monday morning my mom knocked on the door before I headed to work and said "llegaron Los Santos Reyes" meaning they came and brought a gift. She got me a blender because I accidentally broke mine while I was washing the dishes.

The same day after work, we got together at my place to cut La Rosca with my family and few friends.

What tradition do you follower from your parents?

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