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Priscilla Linares for Fontana City Council

"My name is Priscilla Linares, I am a 24-year-old Latina, living in Fontana, CA since Kindergarten. I love running, listening to music, and staying up to date with world issues and current events. I identify as a Democrat but I personally believe it is not about political affiliation at this point in time, it's about our ideas and thoughts to progress. I really care about this community and all it's residents on a personal level because I know the feeling of being left in the dark and the unknown for important issues as a woman but I'm here to be the eyes and ears of this community. I want our city to reallocate a higher percentage of the city budget toward our future which is the babies in K-12, stop the invasion of warehouses, clean up our streets, and hear the real concerns of residents from all Districts!" - Priscilla Linares

Five words to describe Priscilla Linares: "giving, loving, go-getter, compassionate, understanding" - Priscilla Linares

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