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Tours- Allegiant Stadium- Raiders

It was a pleasure being at the

Raiders Allegiant Stadium for a Tour.

"Experience this behind-the-scenes journey through Raiders history and culture, filled with surprises you could only find in Vegas."

I was so excited to see the inside and the history of it

I took so many pictures that day but, I tried my best to post less.

It is hard; to not post all that I experienced and what I want to share with you

Amazing Loge

Check all the details on the seats

Now, Heading to the other destination

Yup, Now at the Raiderettes

Now in their locker room

What's coming next?


Yes, You!

Even though I am not a Raiders girl and love this experience, I respect all the Raiders fans plus;

my sister is a Raider fan and a few of my friends are.

Derek Carr Locker #4

They were a surprise in the locker room. We are not allowed to take pictures or video but, it plus come and experience as well.

Not being a Raider fan, I enjoy the Tour of the Raiders and understand my Raiders fans; It was an outstanding experience.

I was wearing the Raiders Jersey and T-shirt because my sister is a Raider girl and we wear the same size.

In honor of my sister and my friends, I was wearing the Raiders outfit.

Here are the links for more information on the tour and much more

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