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A day with my Nephews and Niece

When my nephews and niece are around me, I enjoy their company there a handful.

However, the beauty of this story is; that I love taking them places and seeing their adventure and exploring the area like here downtown.

First, we got chocolate wasted.

Damian and David got a Hot Chocolate. Olivia and I got a Dark Chocolate Ice blended from The Coffee Bean. Having too much chocolate, we end up getting water.

David surprises me. He went up to the person playing guitar and took a picture with him. David came to us to show us the picture. He was super happy.

So now, Damian wants to take a picture with him too. Damian and David went and took a group picture with the guitar player; I was amazed and proud of them to see them exploring the moment. I experienced it with them, and at the same time, I was there to witness it. Love seeing the join of their faces.

After that, we walked around the area to show them around. What I love about Damian; is he asks a lot of questions and is curious, such as the statue of Cesar Chavez. Damian asks me about the Cesar Chavez statue because the people behind Cesar Chavez they all wearing the cross necklace. I explained a little about it to have an idea of who is Cesar Chavez.

I also told him about Martin Luther King because on the other side was Martin Luther King; statue. Cesar Chavez and Martin Luther King did the same thing. I showed Damian a YouTube video about Martin Luther King's speech. For the reason of what it says on the bottom of the statue, I HAVE A DREAM.

That is why I told my kids (my nephews and niece) to stand next to the Martin Luther King statue and remind their-self that they also have a dream.

To be honest. I love this picture; it says a lot. I will always be there to support them.

After that, we ended up walking more to the Mariposa Alley. Olivia loves that area for the reason of the butterflies.

We enjoy the night putting our feet in the water few mins we end up playing in the water for a bit. I did mention to Damian when I barely moved to Riverside.

I was turning 9th years old like him. He surprised me by saying that I told him. Yup, your mom and I played in this spot. He had his eyes way open, and I said, I believe grandma has those videos. (VHS) Now, I need to find it and show him we were in the same spot my sister Linda and myself at his age. Well, myself, not my sister Linda she was turning 3rd years old at that time.

Damian was surprised when I told him. He continues asking me questions when. Where did use to live? Why we left and why did we move here?

Love, it when he is curious and asking me a question. Glad

I am here to tell him.

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