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Community Involvement 

In 2017, I moved to Riverside, CA. Into a new community, I was formally employed. In a job that dealt with litigation.In this job, I had a mentor who guided me and opened my eyes to reality, law rights, and basically how life is. 2019, in this year. I was getting more involved in politics and interested in being part of my community. I started learning how to vote not just for the presidency but also for my district.2020 was a crucial time. It was the peak of Covid-19. Even though this was happening in all parts of the world, people still wanted to hold on to the unity that formed a community. At this point, I supported Andy Melendrez. He was the candidate for Riverside Mayor. I also got involved in social justice protesting this, including B.L.M., Brown Lives Matter, I.C.E, and police brutality against Ruben Salazar. I also supported Priscilla Linares, who was running for the City Counsel for the City of Fontana. I supported Catherine Alvarez for City Counsel for the City of Downey, and we were selected. At this moment, the year is 2023. I've had a long break from being active in my community. I want to be able to participate in community events, such as the Art Walk Downtown, Community Events like the Farmer's Market in my area, and Community meetings, such as Latino Network and Community events. I support small businesses that make this community rich. I feel the sense that I'm making a change in my community. I have to participate in and attend Counsel City meetings. This way, I'll be more informed and make a difference not only in Downtown Riverside but also in our Neighboring Districts, which are part of Riverside County. 

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