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Growth in Riverside

Let me tell you a story; since I moved back to Riverside in 2017, I have been honored and blessed with the opportunity to live in an outstanding apartment I call home; I live in downtown Riverside the heart of Riverside I enjoy every minute of my home, my community, and the story behind Riverside and how Riverside keeps its life, meaning keeping its Historial roots of Riverside, that is Beautiful!

Do you know "Riverside County is the top 4 largest county by population in the state and the 10th largest in the U.S."

Living in downtown Riverside, CA, I became more interested in my community and the opportunity Riverside offers to the community; I became more involved with the City Council Meetings and knowing my district and others like the Rubidoux area that is Jurupa Valley district.

Yes, even the Rubidoux area I grew up in when I was nine years old, and now living in Riverside City and knowing the roots in my community.

I want to improve Rubidoux so badly; living there since I was nine years old, it looks the same few things changed; however, the community is the same. It needs better improvement and growth in that community.

Now, being an adult seeing with a different eye having my parents, sisters, nephews, and niece living in Rubidoux scares me. Why? Because growing up in Rubidoux. I never felt safe. I want my niece and nephew's growth in a better community to grow to have opportunities in their lives vice versus what we already have in Rubidoux.

For example

1. No good education

2. Drugs Influences

3. No community growth

**Due to how much city of funds are available for this district.**

Being raised as a young child in the Bay Area and moving to Rubidoux, CA, I never Accepted Riverside even though Rubidoux is only a part of Riverside County; it took a lot of years to Accept for the reason to make a difference, not for me but for the community including my immediate family.

The main reason I want to be part of my community, such as Riverside County; for the reason Riverside County is big this is another reason I want to be in a County Job to get myself involved in my community.

I have been supporting City Council membership and now Riverside County Supervisor Jose Medina, who will be the best candidate for the County of Riverside. His focus is on Educational and growth in the community; remember. He is the Riverside Country.

Pause, take a moment to Google Jose Medina yourself, and make the best decision for your community or gain some knowledge from him for your community.

As for me, being supportive and wanting to be part of Riverside City after five years, I finally got myself working; for Riverside County in a Building and Safety position.

I am so blessed and honored to be part of this team. Most importantly reflects on my working in the city of Riverside. Yet I work for the County of Riverside.

I would love to make a difference by providing different growth opportunities. Not just in the City of Riverside but also in the County to work as a team.

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