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Clarissa Cervantes State Assembly 2024

Clarissa Cervantes State Assembly

The reason I admire Clarissa Cervantes. First, she is Latina, stands for all the people, and empowers them in the community we all love in Riverside County.

What stood out to me from Clarissa Cervantes while being a City Council ward 2 and watching the City Council meetings live and hearing Clarissa Cervantes how she was never afraid to speak up when she disagreed on topics that really mattered to her and the community at that moment she became my role model as for me I want not to be afraid or feel intimidated from other for reason of being a Latina Woman. She's giving an example for all women with different cultures because that is who she is.

I am also voting for her because she will make decisions for the community for Riverside County's State budget and where our tax dollars are at work.

Clarrisa Cervantes is People Powered.

For that reason, she has my vote.

Check out Clarissa Cervantes website

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