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Jose Medina First Hispanic candidate to run for Riverside County Riverside Supervisor

Jose Medina

County of Riverside Supervisor

Why am I voting for Jose Medina?

For my reason, Jose Medina is helping the Chicano people and their culture to bring to life the community of Riverside County.

What I like about Medina; his career is in politics and education. With that said, Medina wants education; to increase the percentage of graduates in the County of Riverside vs. other Counties. Medina knows how important; education is here, as for me. I do not feel very educated here.

I grew up here in Riverside, California. When I was nine years old at the age I am right now. I am seeking education. I am educating on my own with that say. I want Medina to be selected for the County of Riverside Supervisor to gain that education to grow in the community and for each of us. I include myself, my future kids, my nephews, my niece, and all the people; who are part of the County of Riverside, California.

Medina worked for RUSD. He was a professor at Elementary, Middle School, and High School here in this community; therefore, Medina is aware of the number of educational needs; to be taken care of.

“Jose Medina remains rooted in his belief of fighting for social justice, empowerment, and equality.”

Jose Medina's beautiful wife Linda Medina and I

Jose Medina and I

Can he count on your vote?

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