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Always warming people with love

I made Flautas and invited my sister and my friend over

Love these pictures of me and my nephew Christopher making faces...

Every time I am holding my youngest nephew, Christopher, especially at family parties, they have these loving faces sharing with me. Trust me. I do notice, but this time I notice it was a different look...

They mention I have a growth in me while holding a baby and a Mother Nature in me. They also use a different word but I don't remember. I was surprised how they said it but this time in a different way.

Behind the story, I haven't say anything but I do wish one day I will be a mother and I know I will be a great mother because I am very patient with kids and very kind to them. Love doing activities with my nephews and niece and I rather talk to them like a grown-up to help them make their own decisions but not by someone else, I want them to build their journey in life.

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