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Ghostbusters Movie night

Who remembers watching Ghostbusters being a kid?

I know, I did.

I was ready to watch it that day comes out Friday, November 19, 2021.

My friend Maribel and I went on that day. Plus, Fridays are our movie nights.

Most of the time. I am always at the AMC Theaters checking new movies; If you follow me on my IG and see my story, you can see my popcorn movie night signature with my friend.

It's funny. I create my signature video when I go to the movies. I am saying this because of one of my dearest friends. Who, I love so much. He used to take pictures of the theater poster movies and post them on his social media.

I realize I have been doing the same thing as him without noticing. It reminds me of one day he told me, " you don't know this now but, you will realize you are exactly like me" I remember I stared at him for a while, figuring it out. Little by little, I've been noticing similar stuff. I am so honored to become someone like him and keep his legacy.

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