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Kids giving 2021

Kids giving 2021

I always host a Thanksgiving with my family but, this time. I created more for the kids (my nephews and niece.) I had a table for the adults here.

This table was for the kids ( I call them my kids, I love them as if; they were my.) I even got them a little gift and have the water paint really for them when they are ready to paint.

Once the kids finish having dinner, my oldest nephew Damian has a youtube channel named Damian The Cool Boy. He wanted to use my iMac desktop, and he put on a basketball game and watched the game with his cousins and brother.

After that, we ended up playing; the game UNO. The kids love it. We have a thing we can't finish until we all have the opportunity to win.

We ended the night painting together.

I believe the kids took over, and it became a Kidsgiving.

Or we skip Thanksgiving and go to the Christmas spirit.

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