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L.A. Art Show in 2022

I was honored to be at the L.A. Convention Center to see Robert Vargas's painting live and meet amazing and outstanding people.

It was an amazing experience.

I will never forget plus got my Vans Jacket authorized by the most talented…Robert Vargas.

For me his the best artist I’ve ever seen. It’s incredible to watch him work.

I can stare at him while enjoying a glass of wine while seeing his amazing talent or when he plays his piano.

I feel I was a Vargas girl that night.

My highlight of the night is having an autograph by Robert Vargas, an Artist known for his mixed-media portraits, murals, and live events around the world; he has incredible talent/ Amazing that's why I am honored to have my vans Jacket signed by Robert Vargas.

The pictures were taken; by @jozayez on IG.

I also met amazing people that day

Thats Apollonia Kotero

That's Dave Lombardo

Also saw some other art...

if you know me. I am a big I Love Lucy Fan.

I enjoyed it very much

For me, Robert Vargas is the best artist I've ever seen. It's just incredible to watch him work.

I can have a glass of wine and see his outstanding talent.

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