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Pau Gasol Jersey Retirement

I am so happy for Pau Gasol and honored to see on

Pau Gasol Jersey Retirement Ceremony.

What an amazing; experience he had and an honor to

see his Jersey next to his good friend Kobe; that

means a lot to him and Kobe being next to each other

while they played together.

I enjoyed every moment of watching them play.

Believe it or not, my first Jersey of the Lakers is

Pau Gasol. Yup, Pau Gasol.

I am honored to have his jersey since 2008.

I got so emotional watching his speech. I can totally;

relate to him and see how far he got, with his skills and

knowledge, and also with his great friend Kobe.

I also have a great friend like that, and thanks to that person; I overcame.

I would like to see myself one day like Pau Gasol's experience.

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