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The Best Books I've Read in 2021

This book inspired me so much in many ways.

I applied so much information 50 Cents (Curtis Jackson) mentioned in his book in my life; I used the Audible app for an audiobook of this book called "Hustle Harder Hustle Smarter by Curtis 50 Cent Jackson." check it out.

I am leaving a little summary of the book.

I hope you read it, or if you have an Audible account, you can do the audiobook while working out, doing some errands, or at work. It only takes 8 hours and 16 mins, and the best part of it; Curtis Jackson is the narrator of the book; so you feel his talking to you about knowledge in life. I know he did to me.

I had to replay it a few times.

For this reason, it was so damn good knowledge you need it to hear it again with his voice.

I felt I was having a conversation with him. I am planning to revisit the book; I listened to the book in 2021, and now I am in 2023; I have to restudy; I know in my heart; that I am going in the right direction; if there's a failure in me, it's ok I already had few of those but the beauty in life having your fears to overcome for the major award in life.

I know inside of me has always been a hustle, and now I have been facing my fears even more. What I like in life, to be honest. What is not for you is not for you to accept and move on for more opportunities in life, and that's a blessing in life.

You keep on going; life has a lot of open doors, knowing your value.

Stay focus.

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