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We have a guest in Kickboxing Class

Hello Everyone,

Some of you know I go to the kickboxing class in Riverside. If you follow me on Instagram, you see my stories. You will know. Lately, I haven't been. I'm trying to run at least three miles for a couple of days after work and on my weekends.

Once I saw this post on the Kickboxing page. I will give it a; try and see if I am ready to go back and push myself. My goal is to continue running and take the kickboxing class and hopefully the Muay Thai class.

I took the class that day and, OMG!

I was sore for three days. It feels good.

Thanks to Coach Nate for the outstanding class.

If you need a trainer, you can find him on Instagram at coach Nate

I love the T-shirt from nemesisxofficial (Instagram name) and

The message it gives to us.


If you want to join the kickboxing here in Riverside you can follow at Riversidekickboxing (Instagram)


If you want to try the Muay Thai class you can follow trainermt (Instagram)

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