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Be Created

I Love Art so much and I always wanted to paint but I don't know how. I always have doubt of myself not doing a good job...

So, on Tuesday after being on the computer and wishing I was at Descando Garden in LA seeing the Tuplis... I do love having Tuplis at home at my dining table and yes I always get them from Trader Joe's when they are in seasonal and peony flowers those are my main favorite flowers.

I believe it was easy for me to know what to paint because I was just wishing this Coronavirus is over to go see the Tuplis at Descanso Garden in L.A. and I believe I did a great job the first time trying to color paint.

Take this time to create you will be amazed at what you can do... I know I was.

What do you guys think???

How did I do???

What have you been doing in your free time???

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