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Becoming by Michelle Obama

Finally, I finished listening to the audiobook Becoming by Michelle Obama. Now I want to get the book so I can highlight all the parts of how she overcame all the obstacles she had in her life and maintain being professional and aware of life as a reference and remind myself.

By listening to her audiobook you can feel how she became Plus she's the narrator of the book even better you hear it from her. There are times I laugh, get sad, get worried, get hope, admire, challenge, etc...

This is a good book to read to learn and gain knowledge. There are a lot of obstacles in life we can overcome to become the talk about becoming me, becoming us, and becoming more...

Now, I am excited to start discovering myself more by doing this Journal by Michelle Obama.

" Becoming isn't about arriving somewhere or achieving a certain aim. It's forward motion a means of evolving a way to reach continuously toward a better self"

- Michelle Obama

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