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Depression is not a JOKE

"Cheslie Kryst, the 2019 Miss USA winner, has died at 30 years old. Kryst was a former Division I athlete, North Carolina attorney and was an outspoken advocate for mental health awareness. Police say Kryst was found outside an apartment building in NYC, and that suicide was the cause of her death." -CBS Mornings

This story makes me very sad and what a talented woman and very gorgeous. I wish she had someone to help her with her depression to avoid the action she did. Depression is NOT A JOKE please take care of those people who need the support with kindness. It is hard to overcome it. it takes patience and understanding they are not alone.

I know I was in that situation of depression and is not a good stage to be at. I am blessed and I overcome with the right people around me.

I enjoy my peace and my place... don't get me strong I do worry about a lot of stuff in my life and being independent on my own is more on your hands a lot more responsibilities.

Take care of your loved ones and like they say

"Check on your strong friend and don't assume"

that's the keyword

I am glad I do check on my friends and family to see how they doing because you never know, they might need a shoulder or a hug.

We're humans we get overwhelmed with a lot of stuff.

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Do you listen to other people what should be your happiness? No one knows only you! Listen to your heart as more power is the motor to drive to your destination. #startover - Nancy De La Torre


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