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The 4 generation being De La Torre

My grandfather, my great-grandfather, my dad, and me ( I was like 4 in that picture)

The 4 generation

I am honored and blessed I was able to meet my great-grandfather, Anastacio De La Torre he died at the age of 97. I believe I was 7 or 8 years old years.

I am blessed. I still have my godfather (grandfather) his my grandfather for my baptists. We're celebrating his 99 birthday this year on September 11.

I keep telling my dad we have some strong genes meaning being strong, healthy, and living for a long time.

My godfather, at the age of 99 years old, let me tell you, has a great memory. That's amazing! A couple of years ago. I interviewed; my godfather (Grandfather) if they were at war at that time growing up, and he said. "Yes, it was Guerra Cristero" (Cristero War in Mexico.) He mentioned how it was. At that time, he was around four years old. That says a lot being that age and remembering every detail. It was amazing; to know a little more about the history of Mexico and what my grandfather lived that day.

Being 99 years old, he can still walk using a cane to help him balance, and you have to speak louder to hear him; other than that, his in perfect shape.

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Do you listen to other people what should be your happiness? No one knows only you! Listen to your heart as more power is the motor to drive to your destination. #startover - Nancy De La Torre


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