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Why is September 15 and 16th is so important for me?

Why is September 15 and 16 so important for me?

First of all, September 15th is El Grito de Independencia de Mexico, which always takes place at night to welcome the Independent day of Mexico on September 16th.

I am a first-generation Mexican American. I am very proud of my roots; my parents, grandparents, and ancestors. I'm Mexican.

Those days are a reminder; of my roots, my culture, and my life.

Yes, in my life, I have been saying, that you need to know your roots to understand where your destination is.

We have so much in ourselves from our ancestors. That's the beauty. We can understand or relate to a few things we think, feel, and see. They live in us because of them.

I have been searching a little bit more about my family tree. I am still in progress, knowing stuff here and there and understanding how your grandparents or great-grandparents were; at that time, different timelines, and just a different lifestyle.

That's why always be blessed where we are now. Remember, you have your roots to grow to be the better version of yourself is your choice to keep growing and honor your last name; each of our; last names can come with bad habits. However, as I said Is your choice to change the dirt of your roots to grow in a healthy tree.

I do; have a habit when I go hiking in the forest or any park and see a big beautiful tree that gets my attention of their beauty. I have a habit of hugging the tree, and saying Thank you is like connecting with those three with yourself. It's a beautiful feeling. I do get emotional, to be honest.

That's one of the reasons I love those days. In my early 20s, I always said, "I want to get married that day, The Independent Day of Mexico, to celebrate my culture and my new journey with the right person to be."

I am celebrating myself of honor being A Mexican Woman Independent on my own feet. Yes, I am an Independent woman. I am proud and honored; to thank my parents and grandparents for raising their kids to be independent to continue to grow.

Be proud of your Roots

Be proud of Yourself

We celebrate Independent for a reason in Life

I'm a Mexican-American Independent.

I'm Nancy De La Torre

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