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Dodger Stadium Day 09-15-2021

The Month Celebration Hispanic Heritage.

It was an honor to; be invited to the Dodgers Stadium on 09/15/2021

I was more excited about getting the Bobbed head of Fernando Valenzuela. For this reason, my friend Eddie for educating me on the Baseball players such as Fernando Valenzuela; The Greatest Mexican Player / Legend.

What can I say? I am at the Dodgers educating myself and the people around me.

Me and my cousin Arlyn

The Famous Dodger Hot Dog

I had to get a Michelada to Celebrate El Grito De Mexico

Fernando Valenzuela #34

Meanwhile, me checking out my Turners

After checking out my Turners this happen

I recorded at the moment but at the same time. I didn't know what was happening or what the sign meant.

On my right side, Had a big poster saying #notchavezravine. I heard someone mention is related to protesting. I looked around if I knew the person.

Remind you I was a journalist and a blogger recording all the protesting from May 2020 until my last one was in August 2020.

The next day I posted my story on my IG account, and one of my friends from the organizers told me what it was about and the reason for their action.

Knowing about the story behind the Dodgers stadium is sad.

Now, I understand why are the reason they're doing it. Thanks for their action.

They are educating us and being curious about it to know more meaning and open our eyes. As my friend from the organizer told me. "most of the school doesn't want to educate us about the truth the system hides a lot from us."

and this is part of The Month Celebration Hispanic Heritage.

Even though I am a Dodger Fan is still sad knowing the story behind the Dodger Stadium because is my people our people.

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