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Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton

First of all, I am a Costco member I always receive the magazine from Costco Connection by mail I always; save it or put it on my living room table.

That day I felt alone and worried about the situation; I had that moment; On top of that, the news I got from a dearest friend of mine got to me. It was so heartbreaking (this story was in November 2020)

I got to my place around the afternoon or evening; my home was all nice and clean with a beautiful vibe of the Christmas spirit when was like that it made me wanna relax and read a book or write, my mind was in a relaxed mode.

After I took a bath and got myself cozy at my place, I was on my couch picking up the magazine and started to read "Dolly Parton - Telling Stories." just a reminder I knew; who she was. She's a singer, and that's it. I didn't know a lot about her until I read the magazine.

She is very positive with a warm heart I noticed she is like an angel for most people. I know she was for me that time I was going through. I also saw the T.V. Series she had on Netflix, "Dumplin" I also heard the podcast about Dolly Parton's American and My New Year with Dolly." It did help me gain hope in the situation I was having.

She is a role model. I am very thankful I was able to know her more, and I ended up getting the book "Songteller by Dolly Parton" and of course, I got it from Costco most of my stuff is from Costco.

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