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Facing my fear and revisit the Grand Canyon

Most people are scared or fear of changing, and to be honest. I don't know why we're all scared to let stuff or people and let the nature of life guide us to where we belong.

I enjoy letting go and facing my fears; tomorrow. I'm going to; revisit the Grand Canyon after three years of facing my fear. I am talking in general. I am scared of heights and other phobias I have. I went around this time. Perfect timing for me, these three years have been a challenge for me. I was able to overcome some of my fears. Don't get me wrong; there were moments it was hard, fun, adventure, learning experience; you named it.

I am glad. I was able to; experience everything I had during these three years of facing my fears. Now is my next step to be fearless.

I am going again and seeing the Grand Canyon with a different mindset than three years ago. I am also going to revisit Sedona.

Don't be scared of changes; the best thing can happen to you; when you know.

You don't belong there...

Life gives you surprises in life; then you are more grateful in life when you are in the right path. Count your blessings.

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