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House Cleaning

Believe it or not, spring clean is something I enjoy is like therapy, especially if I am feeling stressed it helps me to relax and have a clear mind but in this case, I am so ready for spring.

I love to do a deep cleaning when I am alone listening to 90s R&B or Salsa music I try not to put on Salsa music because I always end up dancing than organizing/cleaning the whole house.

Thankfully I have been working in one room each week. So, I wouldn't be stressed out. Having a house organized clean and with less stuff brings me enjoyment and a peaceful feeling.

Expect once it comes to clothes I can't let go I get attached and still buy more. Thankfully I have two big suitcases of spring and summer clothes I need to transfer back to my closet. Let's see if I will end up giving stuff up.

Can someone relate to me when you deep cleaning the house and there's something you can't let go of? I would like to hear your stories.

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