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Human Resources / Worker's Comp.

I am a Human Resources Manager I also deal with worker's comp. and today a Field Investigator came to interview me about an ex-employee who got injured at work. It was my first time experiencing the process. I don't know why but dealing with workers comp I enjoy it so much because I like to be on top of my case.

Ten years ago, I was a Human Resources Assistant in a different

Company. I have always been curious about how to deal with worker comps and now I have this opportunity Plus I am the only Human Resources in my department who has the opportunity to gain new knowledge and challenge myself to be the best.

He interviewed me while recording the conversation it took 40 minutes after the meeting, I presented the Field Investigator to the owner of the company and updated him on the worker comp case. OMG! The Field Investigator spoke so nicely of me and how helpful and organized person I am vs other Human Resources he experiences he put a good word for me, and I believe I am ready to ask for a raise now thanks to him.

I got his business number if I am more interested in the investigation process and I know I will...

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