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I'm so into this T.V series on Netflix.

My friend and I meet in Starbucks on my lunch hour once I walk in I notice these two men by the door. Those two men are FBI I was like damn! I'm living the real-life from the T.V. series I'm watching the first thing I thought I had a case on my hands... turns out the tall guy had a case on his hands for the reason I was studying them or him for a while but I was trying to avoid a lot of eye contact, however... he noticed and I noticed by his actions walking outside the Starbucks and walking back in a couple of times trying me to get his attention and his not ordering anything until he set down close to me and showing off his hands' cups.

You can see I am here trying to take a quick picture of them and the one who sits close to me. Once I took the picture I texted my friend who was also watching the show and told him "Found FBI I'm living the real life now"

So, now I have a case of on my hands of wonders now you can call me, Agent Nanz...

So, beware! I will knock you down until the truth comes out!... That's my new slogan... What do you think?

Can you guess what TV series I am watching? Let's see who knows the case!!!

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