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Lets Wear a Black Hat

"When we wear a black hat, it's time to talk about what can go wrong."

Sometimes in our lives, we overthink too much about random stuff. For example:

Personal Situation

Job Situation

Financial problems and so on.

Sometimes in our lives, we feel alone. Then we end up overthinking too much about the decision we should have taken or what if we should have done that. Then we end up getting a major; headache and become weak. Yes, our minds become weak. That's when our bodies are connecting with our minds; putting our life on hold and wasting time when we should be doing other stuff that is more important than overthinking. But I get it energy, and the mood we get is hard to try or overcome because we're overthinking too much.

Here's a video I saw, and I wanted to share it with you. If you're an overthinker or know someone who is.

The key is when you are overthinking too much.

Ask yourself. Does this help me?

Is this helpful?

Does this bring me joy?

Remember, sometimes we create stories in our heads when we have too much going on in our life that might not be true, or who knows?

My message is to. Try to balance your mind and be more present with what brings you joy and peace with you.

The following sample to clear your mind is:

1. Taking a walk can be power walking, jogging, or running at least 3 miles.

2. Mediate

3. Yoga

4. Journal

It will be a mental health awareness for yourself

Give grace on your way.

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