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Preparing yourself

Remember is always best to prepare yourself for any; kind of situation won't be afraid to speak up or tell your story.

Sometimes we close ourselves up just because of these reasons; the negativity we receive from others or putting ourselves down, controlling us, blaming everything on us for their actions and manipulations.

There can be so many reasons we don't open up.

Remember, each of us has a story in life. Please don't judge people. Accept who they are by respecting them.

We have all been through a situation in life.

However, the key is we keep trying to go forward and working on our downs.

I am also talking on my own. The way I speak, my accent, my grammar, how I pronounce words, and learning to speak up. I want to say; that my story and my; experience motivate people who have been in deep depression/self-doubting themselves and much more.

My goal is to motivate people with the actions and experiences I have.

Don't lose hope. Giving time for yourself to connect with yourself is hard at first.

However, once you do it, you will feel amazing; and have a lot of courage by making that action you did and saying it loud and proud.

I did it!!

Give; yourself a lot of credit and keep doing it.

I agree. Sometimes we feel down or self-doubting about something, but it's ok. Most of the reason is your heading to a different level of life is another challege you need for yourself. Trust me. I am at that level for the next mountain I am hiking in life. Keep on pushing. Remember, we can't be dependent on people to make us happy.

Keep on pushing.

We got this!

Just remember, Give yourself credit by trying and providing everything to yourself.

Don't lose yourself. Be the best of yourself.

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Do you listen to other people what should be your happiness? No one knows only you! Listen to your heart as more power is the motor to drive to your destination. #startover - Nancy De La Torre


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