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Royalty by Maluma Macy's

The beginning of this year.

I saw a lot of interviews on a YouTube channel about Maluma and his career.

I am impressed with what his becoming at that young age, and I did know he was planning to create a clothing line called Royalty.

I didn't know about Macy's until I received the Spring Catalog 2022. by mail.

That's when I realized; that the Maluma clothing line is at Macy's. The first thing I did was I saw the clothing line on my Macy's app and placed an order.

I am excited to wear it love the style, and the colors are amazing to stand out.

I already wear all the items I got from the Royalty line.

I did end up having a lot of compliments on the clothing. When I mentioned to them is from the Maluma line at Macy's.

They were surprised.

I do have a Macy's Star Rewards Platinum Card. That's how I know the deals; they have and the new lines and style so I can come back for more.

I am a big shopper at Macy's.

Check out the Royalty line by Maluma.

These are the following items I purchased.

Dont forget to see my fashion show by clicking here

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