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What did I dress up for Halloween this year?

Since I dressed up as a Joker two years ago and played the character a, Villain personality was something new for me and fun.

But this year I was.....

This year I decided to dress up as Cruella Devil from the last movie they did in 2021 with Emma Stone love her character and how she took over with her Art in the fashion industry very creative and powerful message she was giving. She is the future of her Fashion style to the world. She rules it.

Meanwhile, here I dressed up as her...

On Halloween day, I ended up dressing up as " I Love Lucy" I love Lucille Ball. I stayed home, had company over enjoying the spirit of Halloween, and admired Lucille Ball.

This year I am wearing my nightgown to keep my original eye color because I am like her, but it's still me.

Love, my pumpkins of Lucille Ball; I have to give credit to; my guy friend Richard for making them for me.

Hope you had a lovely Halloween with your loves ones.

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