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Ship Sailing the moon 07-12-2022

On Tuesday, July 12, 2022, in the morning.

I noticed the full moon on social media. I was curious about it; I started to search online about it.

First of all, this month. I have been listening to an audiobook of "Inner Engineering A Yogi's Guide To Joy from Sadhguru."

When I searched about the Full Moon on YouTube, Sadhguru was talking about this.

That same day I went for a walk in the park at night with my friend. It was a perfect night capturing the full moon. If you can see the pictures I took below, you can see a ship sailing the moon while I was power walking. It reminds me; of the Peter Pan movie.

Now, On Wednesday, July 13, 2022, after work, I was preparing myself to blog and share my sailing the moon pictures while I was listening again about the full moon video that I shared with you in this blog.

While I was listening to it and talking about the full moon while I was waiting for my friend to come to go, hike the mountain to enjoy the full moon

If you listen again; to the video, Sadhguru mentions,

"if you are a sailor means somebody who wants to go somewhere. Sailor means who's always logging to go to a new place."

When he mentioned I was surprised, he said it because that's who I am. I am always seeking a new place within me.

If you are also a sailor, you have to go to a new place within yourself, and on top of that, he also mentions,

" The full moon day and the new moon day are significant for you waiting for that to happen that's a day you would like to launch your new ship"

I was like WOW!! Everything is making sense, the stuff I've been going through, and trying to connect with myself again.

Sometimes in life, we have so many responsibilities, and we lose ourselves most of the time taking care of others; however, we have to balance our lives to continue being; a sailor to go where we want to go.

While I was listening to that and ready to share my sailing moon pictures, it made sense what I heard and saw. What do you guys think about this story? I would love to hear your opinion on that.

Check out the pictures; I took that night of the full moon (July 13, 2022) once my friend and I were on top of the mountain drinking champagne to celebrate life and a new place to be.

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