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Tell me who you are?

My Dad always told me since I started attending Middle school and High School he told me "Tell me who you hang out with. and I will tell you who you are!" He always wanted me to be aware of the people I hang out with and see if I want to live that lifestyle to better myself.

In the YouTube, I shared with you about Kobe a few weeks ago Love the part where he said he wants to be the best NBA player. What was the first thing he did he contact all the best NBA players to gain the knowledge and skills from them and become one of them or better? In his free time, he can decide to chill with friends from the NBA but he decided not to waste time "just to chill" he decides to train himself to be the best and not wasting time.

What I am trying to tell you he hang out with the right people and become who he wanted to be. That's a real role model to follow and it is true what my dad always told me Tell me who you hang out and I will tell you who you are.

It's time to follow that advice and make it happen.

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