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Vision board 2020

My 2020 I called it. A vision plan to make it happen

I even created two vision boards one for my personal goals and vision board for my business

by reading the book The Secret in late 2006, Since then I always wanted to go on a Vision board, and I have created in my mind a vision that I wanted in life. I truly what I desire in life and believe; it will come to you because I have that desire in you. I do know I do 100%.

I will update you on what; I have achieved. I am proud of it, however, there are always times I have doubts... But have overcome the theme... but, I was able to Succeed in spite of them.

All the stuff you want in life, in general, you will always go through those stages in life to success.

Trust Me! We all have "A Story".

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Do you listen to other people what should be your happiness? No one knows only you! Listen to your heart as more power is the motor to drive to your destination. #startover - Nancy De La Torre


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