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What Happen to Nancy De La Torre?

Hi Everyone,

I want to say, Thank you for stopping by my webpage on my blog to know any updates; I appreciate it even though I am behind from 2020.

I have a blog here and there but am not fully engaged.

I am trying my best to keep up with the present, middle, and 2020; I need to work on something or learn something to provide what I have in mind.

Now that I end up a chapter in my life.

I am more aware and becoming focused on this.

So, Thank you for stopping by, and hopefully, you enjoy with me what I am posting or motivate you from my stories.

I know I have from people and friends around me, and I give thanks to; them as I continue going forward; The reason they said, " I admire you, you inspired me, and I look up to you."

Remind you this time, I was lost and going through a lot, and I still managed because the people around me told me, "I look up to you,"

I knew they were going through the same situation as me or similar.

I didn't want them to lose that hope in me; because, deep inside them, they have that hope for themselves, and I don't want to break what I am creating for a sample, don't be afraid.

To be honest.

It is the fear we have inside of us.

(At the Grand Canyon facing my fear of heights in October 2019)

In 2019 I decided to work on my fears, and Oh boy!

It was like a roller coaster, and I am still working on my fear.

To be honest.

It's kind of; fun facing your fears.

Oh, ok!

But once you overcome, it feels like a big release inside of you, and it gets addicted to keeping trying.

(At the Grand Canyon facing my fear of heights in October 2019)

My 2019 was more overcoming, and I know I was ready for this, but deep inside me. I was scared but looked bad. I have done so much stuff that I didn't realize it until someone has; to pointed it out to you. To realize it.

My 2020 was amazing.

I was doing a lot of creating new ideas.

It was more like rebirthing again with that time off with the world with the Covid-19 situation.

I am very blessed, and my family was doing ok.

(50th Anniversary of the Chicano Moratorium 08-29-2020 in East Los Angeles, CA )

Because you want to capture everything. That was going on the protesting; on top of that, listen to what people are saying. The keyword is to open your eyes and hear and listen to what they are asking. That's the message I am giving to the world. I said. In one of the videos, I posted on my YouTube channel.

I said. "2020 is the year to open your eyes (2020 vision) to see and open your heart to hear what people have been saying and asking.

I have to post other protesting videos I haven't for personal reasons. I need to work on that as well.

Like I said. I am very behind, but I will post once I have time because people need to see them and be aware.

During the protest, I learned so much I opened my eyes and my heart to hear everyone. I even find myself doing this and knowing the roots of others and myself.

In late September 2020, I went to my Parents home town in Zacatecas, Mexico; I was going alone, but my dad joined me. It was beautiful because I was bonding with him I was having; a father-daughter time. I am the oldest of 2 sisters. I was the only child for six years until my sister was born.

(Arrive at my parents hometown in Zacatecas,Mexico)

(The location where my dad was born)

(Zacatecas City, Mexico)

Since then, I have been sharing. My father with my sisters (my sisters and I are the same mom and dad.) This time. It was a perfect time because it was more me and my dad hanging out in his hometown and knowing some stories and meeting family I met. (I will post that story as well in the blog) It was priceless.

(My parents after that it was Happy Hour since then is happened)

I am very blessed. I have both; of my parents, and I had that time with my dad. Believe it or not, Now we have been bonding. We have been going for a happy hour sometimes. My mom joined us. How cool is that?

In 2021. that's when it was hard for me to focus because I was going through a lot in different directions. I felt my life was on hold. Until I needed to overcome all the situations I was facing, don't get me wrong. I was trying my best to get back on track with what I started. I was getting depressed because I wished I wasn't going through all this to focus on what I started meaning my blogging/ journalist/ photography, and so on.

I was becoming hard on myself because I didn't want to feel. I am behind what I started meaning here on my webpage. I look back. I did overcome a lot and still did what I loved to do. (I am excited to share that with you.)

(When is time to bloom again)

This year 2022, is more like I am taking care of myself, and everything is fading away and now giving me a chance to come back.

Hopefully, this year I will be back on track. I'm going to try my best to open up again; I open up more in this website is more the real me meaning you will know me more, and hopefully, I will continue with my YouTube videos. But first, I need to open up again here.

(Remember we still can Rock this)

Please feel free to write any comments here or go to my contact tab, and you can see my email address and send me an email or anything. Don't be shy.

I will see you on my next blog.

Hopefully, I will hear from you guys.

(This video is from 2019 and looking back I am creating what the songs says)

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