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Who is Gabriel Saucedo?

Let me present to you, Gabriel Saucedo;

his music and art.

I am honored to have my picture on his music album.

What The World Has Come To

We Work Together

Welcome To The Purgatory

The Fury Within

The Struggle Of Isolation

Nowhere To Run

Gazing Upon Twilight

The Good Of The World Coming Together

The Future We Hope For

"This was an album I wrote during covid. I wanted to reflect on the world at his point in time. Seeing how people were acting and seeing how from all the chaos we went through, we became stronger.

The album is a story with a beginning, middle, and end.of course, I wish that I could rewrite a lot of things in this album, but if I had kept adding more things or kept changing things, the more I wouldn't have released it. As a composer, I feel like this album is something that was a big step in my artistry.

As artists, taking on a big project of great scale helps us move forward and grow."

- Gabriel Saucedo

Check out his website to know more about Gabriel Saucedo and his services

You can also find his music on Amazon Music Type Gabriel Saucedo

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