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Altura Credit Union and The Cheech Museum

I am proud to open an account here in my community, I Bank with Altura Credit Union, and all the benefits they provide to their customers for the community.

After many years I have been wanting; to open a Credit Union, but I wasn't sure which Credit union I wanted, and now that I am working for the County of Riverside, and know; they are part of the County of Riverside and UCR. I also found out Altura is a credit union headquartered in Riverside County.

There were a lot of debit card designs, and I picked one from the Cheech Marin Center for Chicano Art and Culture Museum here in downtown Riverside, California. As a result, I get free and unlimited admission plus one to the Art Museum with my newly designed debit card.

They also help you pick up the vehicle that you like Altura will take care of that vs you dealing with the dealers.

This could be you

Check out the website of

Altura Credit Union

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