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New Chapter in my life

On Feb 24, 2023, I got an offer to work for the County of Riverside, and a couple of days got an email that I am debt-free from Student loans.

What a Big Blessing I have been having; those were the top 2 blessings I got that mean so much to me.

It's like the Holy Water came to my place and washed everything, and I am starting fresh again it's like

God gave me a new beginning with my goals to achieve them to continue growing...

I have overcome too much in life and am so happy I am here, standing here and supporting; other people.

I'm at this stage of mind.

I am preparing myself to continue to overcome and be

part of my community.

I love my community; here in Riverside.

The culture they're bringing to everyone is outstanding; I feel that living in Riverside, and now with an open door, I got with the County of Riverside to continue overcoming a difference in life in my community.

Have you ever felt like that and had a Big blessing in your life?

Do you want to share it with everyone?

Please share it.

Love; to hear blessing moments in your life.

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